Duh Voodoo Man's VOX Valvetronix Modeling Amp Webpages
Mostly for the AD30VT Model, but Good Stuff for Other Valvetronix Models, too....

Not only is the ol' Voodoo Man a serious PC geek, but he's also a ROCK STAR WANNABE!! Well, not really, but I do enjoy banging on the guitar occasionally. I have a '90 Fender Stratocaster Plus, an '05 Epiphone Elitist Les Paul Standard, a Peavey Delta Blues 30W tube amp, and--to get to the point of this page--a small VOX Valvetronix AD30VT modeling amplifier. (You can see 'em all HERE if you're interested.)

If you're not familiar with the concept of modeling amps, they're basically a newer amp technology that uses advanced digital signal processing to simulate the characteristics of various classic/popular guitar amplifiers (Fender, Vox, Marshall, Mesa Boogie, etc.). The VOX Valvetronix amps distinguish themselves by employing a vacuum tube (or "valve", as our British cousins say) in the power amplifier section in order to give the performance and character of an all-tube amp. Purists will tell you (and I'm not here to argue!) that the only way to sound like an all tube amp is to use....an all-tube amp. But the Valvetronix amps come as close to achieving that as anybody has been able to come. And being mostly solid-state componentry, they can be had for very attractive prices, relative to most all-tube amplifiers.

For the budget-minded guitarist, the AD15-30-50-100VT models offer amazing performance and an impressive array of different tones and effects for prices in the $180 - $550 (street) range, depending upon wattage and speakers. For the more serious musician, you can step up to the AD60/120 series, where the number of amp models, effects and capabilities increases substantially....as does the price. You can read all about these amps at the VOX website.

Anyway, through some correspondence and ideas generated at the forums on the Patchtronix.com and Valvetronix.net websites, I've put together a few pages. Here's what's what (click on the amp icon to go to the page):

Top Panel settings images of the amp model presets for the AD15-30-50-100VT Series

How to determine the amp model preset parameters for the AD15-30-50-100VT Series

Make-your-own Top Panel diagrams for storing Valvetronix program settings (spreadsheets, too!)

Pictorial guide to changing the speaker in a Valvetronix AD30VT amp

Pictorial guide to replacing the grill on a Valvetronix AD30VT

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