How to Determine Program Settings for VOX Valvetronix AD15/30/50/100VT Amps

The knob settings upon which the top panel diagrams for my Valvetronix AD30VT Amp Model Presets web page were manually determined on my AD30VT using the "Original Value function" that is described on page 14 of the Owner's Manual. With acknowledgement to VOX, I directly quote that process here:

If you want to find out exactly what settings are saved in a preset or user program, you can use the Original Value function.

When you’re turning a knob to adjust the value of a parameter, and the value at that moment matches the value that is saved in the program (i.e., the “original value”), the PRESET LED will blink if you’re in Preset mode, or the channel LED will blink if you’re in Channel Select mode.

HINT: When you’ve found a program you like, and want to know just what settings it contains, simply use this Original Value function!

NOTE: The settings of the top panel MASTER volume and the rear panel POWER LEVEL controls aren’t part of the program, which means that the Original Value function isn’t available for these knobs. Also, the Original Value function doesn’t operate in manual mode.

While this is a straightforward and easy process, it is a bit time-consuming, since it involves checking nine (!) knob settings for each preset: gain, volume, treble, middle, bass, noise, and three effects parameters. Additionally, if you want to note the beats-per-minute for the modulation on a given effect, be prepared to time the TAP LED flashes! So, needless to say, it takes quite a few minutes to work through eleven presets! NOTE: To give proper credit where it's due, the effects parameter and BPM values included in my preset diagrams were generously provided by "Taz5150", a regular on the forum.

The Top Panel diagrams I've posted as a result of this exercise represent my best visual estimate of the individual knob positions where the tell-tale LED flash occurred. While this is a bit subjective and some error certainly occurs in getting the knob positions exactly right, the settings shown in these diagrams should closely approximate the "true" settings values for the eleven preset amp models. I don't know how much variation there may be between these settings from one Valvetronix amp to another, but that is probably quite small, perhaps negligible.

Also, since the AD15VT, AD50VT, and AD100VT also use the same basic Top Panel configuration and the same eleven preset amp models, I think it's a reasonable assumption that the knob settings will be the same for those Valvetronix models, as well.

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