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....it's an addiction, no doubt about it. For me, it started with the purchase of a Dell Dimension XPS-R400 in '98 that came with an 8MB Nvidia Riva 128ZX AGP video card. I fired up Quake 2 on the machine and was instantly hooked like an eager trout on a gaudily colored fly! I'd played PC games before, starting with the original Doom, but nothing that looked like THIS! Before long, I'd replaced the Riva card with a 16MB TNT, and then added an 8MB Voodoo2 card to be able to play games rendered with 3dfx's amazing "Glide" graphics API. Next, it was a Voodoo3 3000, then a V5, then a GF3 Ti200, and the list goes on and on. I've long since lost count....

Though the impact on my wallet over the years has been substantial (fortunately, I don't have any other expensive vices!), I have had many, many hours of harmless enjoyment from my 3D addiction. And that enjoyment has been supplemented with a fair amount of knowledge & experience gained along the way. So an additional outcome of this little habit of mine has been a series of reviews & articles about various video cards and how to enhance their performance. If you happen to share my passion for 3D video cards, hopefully you may find something of interest here:


And the winner is....    Value Video Card Shootout
     (three card comparison - Jul.'02)
This is just S-O-O-O cool....    Radeon 9500-to-9700 Modification
     (big performance, low price - Jan.'03)
Nvidia & ATI, mano e mano...    FX 5600 Ultra vs. Radeon 9600 Pro
     (mid-range vid card showdown - Sept.'03)
Not quite as cool as the 9500-to-9700 mod, but close!    Radeon 9800 to 9800 Pro Conversion
     (free speed boost "how to" - Sept.'03)
Big 3D horsepower for under $200    GeforceFX 5900XT Review
     (Nvidia grabs for the sub-$200 market - June '04)
Wanna bring Doom3 to it's knees?    Geforce 6800 GT Mini-Review
     (Check out Nvidia's latest high-end offering - Nov. '04)
Starts bad, ends good....    Geforce 6800 Card Mod Misadventure
     (If at first you don't succeed, overclock - Nov.'05)

I've lost count of how many of these things I've bought....
Video cards: visual joy, fiscal bane....


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