Duh Voodoo Man's "Shakin' All Over" BYOC Tremolo Pedal

Here we have a stock build of the popular BYOC Tremolo pedal kit. This circuit, like so many tremolos, is based upon an article that appeared in Electronics Australia magazine way back in 1968! Forty years old and still immensely popular, and it's no wonder why--it's because it sounds freakin' GREAT!! If you don't have an amp with built in tremolo and you want to lay down a few Ventures or Dick Dale riffs, then this is the puppy to have. It's a simple build, and you'll love the smooth, vintage sound.

When I built this, I couldn't decide what finishing theme I wanted to use. I'd whittled it down to between a surfing theme and an early Elvis motif. I ended up posting mockups of the two ideas on the Fret.net forum and letting the members vote on which one they liked the best. As the photos below show, the King won the voting handily! Thank ya....thank ya very much!

'Shakin' All Over' BYOC Tremolo Pedal - top 'Shakin' All Over' BYOC Tremolo Pedal - gut shot

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