Duh Voodoo Man's "Spring Fever" Reverb Pedal

Introduced in October 2009, the BYOC Reverb features the Belton Digi-Log Reverb module and its amazingly convincing emulation of a vintage spring reverb tank. I was a bit skeptical about this pedal until I built one. Now, it's a fixture on my pedal board for use with my amps that don't have a built in reverb. Additionally, the kit is quite an easy build, and the well thought out layout requires minimal wiring, always my least favorite part of a pedal build. Controls are straightforward, with pots for reverb level (i.e. intensity), dwell (the length of reverb decay time), and--something you don't usually get in a reverb pedal--tone. Like other more recent BYOC designs, the I/O and AC adapter jacks are on the top side, convenient for hooking up pedalboard patch cables and power adapter plugs.

My build is basically stock, with just one significant modification. Keith Vonderhulls designed the BYOC Reverb to have boatloads of reverb available at the highest intensity setting. But the downside of this approach is that it makes the intensity control very touchy and rather difficult to dial in for lower intensity settings. To address this constraint, I opted to replace a fixed resistor on the board with a trimpot, seen at the lower right portion of the PCB. I then dialed in different resistance settings until I found one that would give me all the reverb I'd ever want while still allowing easy control over lower intensity settings. A value of 10 Kohm was just about perfect for me; YMMV. I did have to relocate two capacitors adjacent to the resistor spot to the back of the PCB to make room for the trimpot, but that was easily done.

So next time you want to unleash your inner Dick Dale, give one of these babies a try! Mondo springy goodness!!

'Spring Fever' Reverb pedal - top 'Spring Fever' Reverb pedal - gut shot

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