Duh Voodoo Man's "OctaFuzzy" Octave-Fuzz Pedal (BYOC Version)

Another rendering of the classic Tycobrahe Octavia circuit, this time by Buildyourownclone.com. Soundwise, it's very similar to the one shown HERE, which was built from a General Guitar Gadgets PCB. While it lacks the "pregain" control of the GGG design, the fuzz on this version seems a little less extreme, so the pregain doesn't really seem to be needed. And the layout is BYOC's new one with the I/O and AC adapter jacks at the top, for more convenient pedalboard hookup. My pal Robert Renman did a really nice video demo of one of these that I built for him, so be sure to check it out. Dude can flat PLAY!!

'OctaFuzzy' combination octave-up & fuzz pedal - top 'OctaFuzzy' combination octave-up & fuzz pedal - gut shot

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