Duh Voodoo Man's "Mega-Muff" Modified BMP Fuzz Pedal

My Mega-Muff build is a slightly modified version of the new-for-2008 BYOC v.2.0 Large Beaver kit. This clone of the classic Electro Harmonix Big Muff Pi fuzz box improves on the original by adding three alternate EQ "voicing" settings to the pedal by means of a 4-position rotary switch. In addition to the stock scooped-mids tone for which the original is so well known, this version also lets you select flat EQ or mid-boosted modes. The last position on the switch "lifts" the EQ section out of the circuit, so that the signal bypasses it completely. You get pure (and LOUD) unadulterated Muff in-your-face fuzz tones. These additional EQ settings make for a much more varied tonal palette than the original offers. It can also be built in either "Triangle era" or "Ram's Head era" vintage versions.

Of course, yours truly couldn't leave well enough alone and just build the pedal to Keith's excellent stock design! So I added a toggle switch for the popular "Creamy Dreamer" mod (basically a gain/sustain boost mode), and modified the second clipping stage to make it more flexible. I took the stock silicon clipping diodes off the main board to a small piece of perfboard, added two more clipper arrays--a pair of red LED's for a "hot" mode and a pair of J201 JFET's for a "cool" setting--and hooked them up to a 3-way toggle switch. These three clipping modes add even more tonal flexibility to an already great fuzz circuit. IMO, every serious pedal freak's board should have a Big Muff-type fuzz on it, and this one tops any other version I've heard!

Interested in owning a Mega-Muff of your own? Then click HERE to find out how to purchase one.

'Mega-Muff' BMP clone fuzz pedal - top 'Mega-Muff' BMP clone fuzz pedal - gut shot

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