Duh Voodoo Man's "Make a Whoosh" Flanger Pedal

Introduced in April 2009, the BYOC Stereo Analog Flanger is like no flanger pedal you've ever heard before, though it incorporates elements from several of the best known vintage flangers. Making the pedal unique is its ability to switch between two distinctly different operating modes--a "single" mode using one bucket brigade delay (BBD) chip, or a "differential mode", where a second BBD chip is added in parallel and out of phase with the first chip. Together with controls that offer a broad dynamic range of adjustment, this latter mode will enable you create tones ranging from the unbelievably lush to the downright freaky and bizarre. And you can also buy an optional V3208 BBD chip with twice the delay time of the stock 3207 chips to enable "dual pitch chorusing" for an even more lush and exotic sound. Big fun!!

To get a flavor of the tonal flexibility of this amazing flanger, check out the YouTube video embedded below, wherein Keith "Mr. BYOC" Vonderhulls demos the pedal and mimics Leslie, chorus, and phaser sounds in addition to the classic flanger jet plane whoosh. Add to this the fact that the pedal has stereo outputs and you have just an amazingly flexible effect. Not an easy build, but intermediate skill-level builders should have no problems with it, and the results are well worth the effort. Incidentally, the photos below are of my "beta kit" build; the commercial release adds some improvements, including the new footswitch connection mini-PCB that eliminates all that tedious switch wiring.

'Make a Whoosh' Flanger pedal - top 'Make a Whoosh' Flanger pedal - gut shot

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