Duh Voodoo Man's "British Blues" Marshall Bluesbreaker Clone Pedal

Introduced in April 2009, the BYOC British Blues Overdrive, based upon the vintage Marshall Bluesbreaker pedal, takes a minimalist approach to achieving sweet overdriven tones. In a counterpoint to the feature-laden Overdrive 2 kit, the "BBOD" is simplicity itself, and a very easy build, making it an excellent candidate for a first-time builder. The photos below are a "beta build" that I did, so that's not the production-version PCB and it doesn't use the new super-easy footswitch connection mini-PCB. I also used some custom control knobs; the kit comes with the standard black knobs found in most BYOC kits.

In addition to being a quick and easy build, the British Blues has a distinctly different tone from its Overdrive 2 sibling. Lacking the OD2's distinctive Tube Screamer style mid-range emphasis, the BBOD is a more transparent pedal that's perfect for the player who is looking to add a little "dirt" to their sound, but doesn't want other additional tonal coloration. It's a lower gain pedal than the OD2, also, but the instructions provide several different modifications that will boost the gain, if that's your desire.

'British Blues' Marshall Bluesbreaker clone pedal - top 'British Blues' Marshall Bluesbreaker clone pedal - gut shot

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