Duh Voodoo Man's "Repeat After Me" Analog Delay Pedal

The BYOC Analog Delay kit is one of their newest products. It's also their most expensive kit and easily their most difficult build. This pedal is definitely not for beginners--I'd recommend that you have at least 3 or 4 pedal builds under your belt before undertaking this one. The proper set-up of the delay chips and minimization of clock noise also involves a lengthy adjustment process of 9 different trimpots. The procedure also requires the use of a signal tester to dial out the clock noise, so be sure you have one of those when undertaking this build. And you'll be at it for awhile--the kit requires about 400 individual solder joints!

That's not to say that all the time and expense isn't worth it. This is a great sounding delay with that characteristic analog warmth, and offers up to a full second of delay on the "long" setting, using a total of four "bucket brigade" delay chips. And the "short" mode will give you a great sounding analog "slapback" that's perfect for rockabilly, surf, and other styles. There's no battery power available for this one--it would suck too much power for that to be practical anyway--so plan to run it from and AC adapter. It also has both "wet" and "dry" outputs, allowing you to run and unprocessed signal to one amp and the delayed signal to another.

'Repeat After Me' Analog Delay pedal - top 'Repeat After Me' Analog Delay pedal - gut shot

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